CFO consulting for Colorado companies working to change the world, one P&L at a time.


Imagine a head of state without a policy or military advisor and you can understand what life would be like for the head of a business without a strong executive and strategic Chief Financial Officer. A CFO brings a level of fiscal strategy and ability to execute that spans virtually every facet of the organization, from operations, to legal oversight, to governmental regulation.

A competent and knowledgeable CFO is not only one of the closest allies and advisors to the owners and the President/CEO, but is also a critical partner for other executive heads and a source of stability throughout the organization. Whether it’s coordinating capital transactions, overseeing annual CPA audits, partnering with sales and operations heads or planning for changing business climates, having a capable financial officer is critical to your company’s success.

Every company has unique strengths. No company should have a weak link overseeing Finance & Accounting.

Strategic Business Planning | Companies can pursue a variety of options to develop their businesses, making selecting the right paths all the more critical. Having a strategic financial partner who can work with other executive heads is critical in planning innovative alternatives and determining the best returns on those investments.

Business Performance Enhancement | Assessing your company’s current position compared to its peers and industry standards is critical for benchmarking and improving financial performance throughout the organization.

Business Transactions—Sale or Acquisition | Financial markets are constantly changing and owners’ priorities shift over time. Recognizing a fair return from selling a firm or acquiring new capabilities/operations through acquisition is one of the most important and complicated financial challenges firms face.

Treasury Management & Capital Structure | Your company’s capital structure and cash management are its financial lifelines that allow continued operations and growth or, alternatively, limit what your firm can achieve.

Collaborating Managers & Professional Advisors | The modern business environment requires efficiently coordinating and overseeing a variety of transactional and operational specialists to achieve most complex objectives. Having a competent CFO who can manage these efforts alleviates many of the associated logistical and economic complications.

Financial Accounting Operations Management | There are a variety of financial accounting and operational issues, such as regulatory compliance and accounting system implementations, that need experienced financial leadership to manage effectively.