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Collaboration & Managing Professional Advisors

In today’s complex environment businesses are confronted with the need to assemble and effectively utilize a team of professional advisors for a variety of business functions. CPA’s, attorneys, wealth advisors, insurance advisors, HR specialists, IT consultants and others are but a few of the key relationships requiring management and evaluation.

You may have some strong advisory members you trust and some shortfalls you want remedied. Additionally, as much as you may enjoy your advisors’ company, you may not always want to have to coordinate all of their efforts. The CFO is the only member of the team that lives with the client and can provide support coordinating and objectively evaluating existing specialists to make recommendations.

The CFO must also possess a rolodex of local professional partners in order to support the changing needs of the business. Some such partners are franchise players you want to have long-term relationships with, while others are niche or position players you need to have a healthy stable of to rotate out as necessary. Time is usually a critical element, and the ability to get top partners at both levels in place quickly typically is the difference between success and failure. We pride ourselves on our extensive contacts garnered over four decades of working with Colorado businesses.