CFO consulting for Colorado companies working to change the world, one P&L at a time.


We are but a by-product of our environment. Or at least heavily influenced by it. (And maybe we impact it, too.)

We at Colorado CFO Group have chosen Colorado. Some of us have migrated from other countries and cities, while others are natives fluent with the cyclical weather and business cycles here. What we all have in common is a desire to live and work in an atmosphere that balances business and lifestyle.

A lot has happened in forty years—to the state and the world. What we’ve found in conducting business here and globally is that it’s possible to be both profitable and responsible community members. Whether that means sponsoring charitable organizations, donating time, keeping an eye on the company’s environmental impact or simply and brashly sponsoring for-profit local events, businesses can promote the community without denting their performance. If done right, they can actually improve both.

We’ve been a part of such efforts at other companies and continue promoting efforts to enhance our community at COCFO. Please visit the sites that highlight local charities, businesses and environmental topics we support and are shaping our community today.

It’s our community. Let’s make it worth living in.