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Business Transactions—Sale or Acquisition

Do you have a timeline for responsibly exiting your business, in part or whole, but aren’t sure of a clear path to ensure a fair value?

Do you want to expand your business but don’t want to organically develop the capabilities in-house?

Finding a way to divest a firm you own or acquire capabilities that redefine your market position are easily the most time-consuming and emotional activities for owners and executive managers. Deriving fair value from such transactions when both sides seek to maximize their upside is a complex battle with a variety of moving parts which need to be managed to achieve your goals.

A good CFO has experience in the sale and purchase of businesses, understands various valuation methods and important drivers to value, and knows where to go to secure independent valuations. Our experience suggests these transactions are not “events” but rather “processes” that often require months, if not years, to effectively execute. Your CFO should have the ability to guide you through such processes with a clear understanding and an ability to support the complex and extensive documentation requirements.

This requires coordinating and managing a team of specialist advisors, from tax experts to securities attorneys, to successfully complete the transaction. If you have familiarity with such specialists, you want to make certain this team is as efficiently managed as possible to avoid spiraling transactional expenses.

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