CFO consulting for Colorado companies working to change the world, one P&L at a time.


You want to operate a successful, growing business that doesn’t fall behind local and global competitors, provide a valuable service or good for others, and generates a healthy profit to reward you and your company’s efforts.

But you also want to live in Colorado. You want to be able to leave work a bit early to take a bike ride in the foothills or head up to a resort for weekend skiing. You want to be able to take the family to an outdoor concert in Chautauqua or Jazz in the Park.

You want to succeed in business and life, and you can’t do it alone. You need your management team working with you, along with other specialized professionals like Colorado CFO.

Local Partnership

We are a group of Colorado-based CFO’s who consult with a select group of high-potential, growth-oriented, middle-market companies. We eat the cooking. We’re the only CFO services firm headquartered in Colorado and exclusively focused on Colorado-based companies. Additionally, we invest our time and talent in the local communities where we work, donating to a list of charitable, cultural, and community organizations. Simply stated, we care about the development of Colorado and the success of Colorado businesses.

Our goal is to bring our extensive financial experience and local business network to serve as the key financial advisor to business owners and senior management at strategically important times in your business’ development. While we have established valuable long-term partnerships with some of our clients, serving in such capacities as CFO, Consultant or Director, it typically is not our aim to become a permanent member of management. Unlike a traditional employee relationship there is a limited termination provision the client may exercise at any time, so you don’t get stuck with us or any severance issues should you be dissatisfied with the work.

Unique Solutions

We know from hard-earned experience that each company faces unique issues and obstacles that similarly require non-formulaic solutions. We leverage both our internal partners and our external local resources, cultivated over forty years of working in Colorado, to solve problems and overcome hurdles to the benefit our clients.

Scope and Cost

Our consulting services are provided on a flexible work schedule—typically daily or weekly—thus allowing our clients to enhance their overall financial strength at a reasonable cost.

We concentrate on Colorado-based, privately-held companies in a revenue range of $5,000,000 to $200,000,000. While our personnel also have significant experience at publicly-held, multinational firms and have participated in initial and secondary rounds of public offerings, this is not currently the primary focus of the firm. Given the significant volume of capital held by private equity groups, coupled with the substantial costs of going public and maintaining a public status, we believe a private equity approach now offers a better exit solution to private owners who may be considering sale or merger of their businesses.