CFO consulting for Colorado companies working to change the world, one P&L at a time.

Case Studies

We don’t have any magic managerial compasses to hand out. Nor have we published any books formally patenting managerial strategies like Winning or Execution. We just have a bunch of experience, education and intelligence directed at solving real financial problems in the real-world.

We care very much about the ‘who’ in partnering with a client. For the purpose of relaying relevant case studies of work we’ve performed for clients the ‘what’ and ‘how’ seem more germane, though. What we try to do in this section is focus on typical business problems clients have come to us with, our analyses in some of these instances, and the net results.

Due to our commitment to the confidentiality of our clients we typically do not disclose firm names that we performed work for. You will likely find some entertaining and others will hit painfully close to home.