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Local Environment

Colorado is a pretty unique place when it comes to companies that are at the forefront of sustainable projects. We have the University of Denver and local design firm RNL pushing for LEEDS certification on new projects, and Englewood-based CH2M Hill sponsoring the Water for People fundraiser, which garnered $170,000 to support safe drinking water in developing countries, among other efforts.

This quarter we were struck by news of yet another Colorado firm committing considerable resources to use sustainable energy. Many have heard about New Belgium Brewery’s massive efforts to use renewable energy sources, from streamlining brewery processes, to treating and utilizing their wastewater, to building design, using wind-power and purchasing carbon credits.

Not as publicized is Boulder-based marketing firm Sterling-Rice Group, which recently purchased 339,300 kWh of renewable energy credits from wind-power farms throughout the country. Additionally, they are purchasing carbon offsets from Boulder-based Renewable Choice Energy to compensate for business travel requirements, with a goal of being fully carbon-neutral this year.

Both of these companies, the first of which happens to be one of our favorite brewers and the other a well-respected advertising and marketing firm, demonstrate sustainable business can be profitable business.

Our compliments.